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Help us continue making a difference. 

Children born into generational poverty are being given a chance to break free through a unique sponsorship program; bringing value and self-worth through relationship between sponsor and child. We're seeing them thrive as they live in a safe place, have their basic needs met and attend school. Since 2013, we've helped nearly 100 children 
graduate from high school, who are now attending college or trade school. The little ones are encouraged to follow their example and take advantage of every opportunity. There is more we can do, more children to rescue and lives to change. With your help, we can achieve great things.

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We believe they will be the ones who will change their community and their country.

Ways to donate:
  • Use the "DONATE" button above.

  • Contact us for wire transfer information:

"I think sometimes you, have dreams, and you want to do great things, but you don't know how to do it - you just need someone to light the fire or give you the first stepping stone." ~ Denise DeMarchis  

  • Send a Check to:

    • Mighty Acorn Foundation​
      50935 Hemingway Lane
      Elkhart, IN 46514

As we anticipate our special 5 Year Anniversary trip to Kitale later this week - like it's

How can you help?

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