The Situation

The reach of Covid-19 has impacted the entire world and Kenya has felt the weight of a country wide shut down. 

For the past three weeks, government officials have issued an order to all citizens to stay indoors and for all business to halt. 


This leaves the day laborers, like the people living in Kipsongo, without income and the opportunity to provide for themselves. The threat of food scarcity and starvation in an already impoverished community has become drastically significant. 

Food Costs

Three thousand people among 500 households reside in the Kipsongo slum. A week’s worth of food equates to $35 for the average household. For the entire community, this is about $17,500 per week.


Our partners in Kitale have the hope of raising enough funds for three weeks worth of food for all the residents. This is possible, as we have a $20,000 match provided by partners in the US. Together, Hellen and Richard can help the families of many of our children survive the lock down and bring hope to a place that desperately needs it. 


Join us in reaching our $20,000 goal in support of Hellen and Richard’s work. Thank you for being a part of changing the lives of the people of Kipsongo. 


We are all in this together.