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There are times when a Facebook or Instagram post just isn’t enough to share fully some of the amazing things that happen in the life of our kids and friends in Kitale, Kenya… and things in the MAF office can be so busy with admin stuff that sometimes those stories go untold. A situation that we’re working to change, striving to be better at sharing “The Rest of the Story”. Opening up the window of our soul and letting you see inside. Writing has been one of those things that’s been hard for me, it takes time, and when you don’t feel like you’re very good at it, you tend to do everything else that needs done and “it”, the writing part, never happens.

Well – today is hopefully the evidence of that changing, cause there is a “Rest of the Story” that has to be told and a Facebook post just isn’t going do it justice.

David, Consoletta, Isaiah, Baltomeo, Joel, Samuel, and Dolfine

Back in June of 2014 we were made aware of a tragic situation in the small village called Coast, not quite an hour from Kitale. There was a family that had suffered the loss of their husband and father at the hands of a drunken neighbor. The family’s children were missing school and suffering from malnutrition and their mom, traumatized by the experience was unable to care them. Our partners, Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani were asked to go and check on the family. We were there that day and wrote a blog about unforgettable experience

That was four and a half years ago. Since then Samuel, Dolphine, David, Joel, Baltomao and Isaiah have called Seed’s their home. They’ve received healing for their souls, done well in school and have really thrived in the care of our partners. It has been beautiful to watch.

Over these years we have inquired about their mom, Concephta. We had been reassured that she was getting counseling and was slowly getting better but the whole experience had really taken a toll on her emotional and mental health.

Last week Mum Hellen called and was so excited to share that Concephta had come to the church on Sunday, all on her own. In the recent past she had visited her children with the help of a neighbor – but last week she got all the way to Kitale on her own. She came with gifts, new jackets that she had purchased for each of her kids.


This one who was so broken, she could no longer care for herself or her children. You could see in her eyes the depth of grief and hopelessness she felt. Her life since the loss of her husband has been very difficult. As is too common there, her husband’s family kicked her out of her home and off the land they had together. Forcing her to find a new place to live and leaving her with nothing.

Through good counseling and help from our friends, Hellen said she has overcome the trauma and her mind has been restored. She desires to stand for her kids and help them as she can.

During one of her previous visits to see her children Hellen had given her a little money for food. Concephta said she took most of that money and started a small business.

Hellen said “it is a miracle, she came full of joy and so thankful for all the help she and her kids have received. And because of her small business she could help with her children by bringing them new coats.”

The miracle of a life restored. “The Rest of the Story”; a story worth telling. We’re excited to see more of this family’s story unfold… and as it does we will continue to share it.

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