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Our First Day

Denise (Lynette’s) sister was so right when she said you will feel way more emotions than you kind find words for.

I don’t think a moment passes when I’m not trying to hold back tears and I cannot even attempt to explain them.

I do know 2 days into this journey I have enjoyed nothing more than watching all my friends smile, laugh and become a bonded family. I’m usually the quieter one who sucks it all in. Okay, Kiara may battle me for that position but her laugh is extremely contagious. And her love for Africa is felt so strongly that it needs no words.

I’m sitting in back of the van watching Carla and Kayla, with camera in hand, smiling at everyone and everything we pass by. We are on our way to the orphanage for the first time.

Last night on the way to Kitale, Pastor Richard shared the story to me, Jenni , Mitzi, and Anne of how his calling came to life. It started with a simple gesture to save a child from getting hit by a car. Once he swooped him up and saw his mother standing along side he was told she (the mom) just wanted to die. She was trying to commit suicide for there was no hope left. Richard took them in and introduced them to hope. His passion has Saved and given hope to so many as of today. He is only 41 and told me he has never felt happiness as he does today.

I wish I was better with words because I don’t want to sound preachy but you cannot help but feel a little closer to a greater being here.

And before I close I must add, they spoke of Amber and their sadness. They talked as though she is a friend. It had me in tears.

There is nothing better today than real people sharing real emotion for just the sake of being one. We are all in this together. We can do so many great things.

Written November 26, 2012

Denise DeMarchis, Founder MAF

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